Mini Medical Cannabis Seminar
Saturday June 1st 1:00 pm

Speaker is Terry Rycroft from the Medical Cannabis Resource Center Inc in Vancouver

Seating is limited so please call Susan @ 250-585-5748 to reserve a seat.



Why should you join?

1.     To join with others in monitoring the conditions and welfare of the elderly

        and taking action where necessary.

2.     For fun, fellowship, companionship and well being.

3.     For community service.

4.     For social activities including pool, bingo, pot luck, dancing, entertainment,

        exercise classes, Tai Chi, games.

5.     For crafts, bake sales, shows and bazaars.

6.    To share stories, experiences and skills, now isn’t that what friends do?

7.    To join others in helping to improve the lifestyles of the elderly, singles, widows, widowers,

       homebound and physically challenged…Seniors helping Seniors.